Corporate Groups & Holdings

See how AuditNow provides an effective solution for corporate groups and holdings.

When responsible for a group of companies, internal audit teams are faced with multiple (and sometimes conflicting) regulatory compliance goals, different corporate standards and several different locations of individual entities. 


Auditnow helps internal audit teams to plan the annual audit program, schedule and get confirmations for individual audits from different businesses and then run audit activities in the field using laptops or tablets. Reusable question libraries and integrated test procedures allow auditors to use the most-recent version of the relevant questions sets - based on business and/or compliance requirements. Smart worksheets help auditors run audit meetings and walkthroughs with ease. Audit consensus and report generation is smooth, previous audits’ findings and recommendations can be reused in reports. Findings could be jointly tracked with the individual auditee teams and a big picture view of all open issues and associated enterprise risks could be provided to the audit committee.

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