Auditnow's Features

All the features you need together.

Audit Calendar

Build your grand plan, schedule audits and assign auditors. See, review and modify schedules from a single screen.

Risk Register

Add, edit and even import enterprise risks from a GRC tool. Assign priorities and tag with different attributes. Align risks with audits and findings.

Control Set Builder

Build reusable control/question libraries. Define different types of answers (e.g. text, boolean, multi-choice etc.), test procedures and expected answers. Ensure all auditors have access to the same and most up to date version of your audit questions.

Activities Planner

Plan an audit program to the minute detail. Assign auditors, question sets and auditees to meetings. Modify and add activities as the audit progresses.

Report Generator

Generate draft and final reports for the audit committee and auditees. Gather feedback and finalize projects with reports. Reuse previous reports’ content and simplify report writing.

Findings Tracker

Monitor and track findings from audits from a single source of truth. Both auditors and auditees can list, drill down and report on the status of previous audits’ findings.

Smart Worksheets

Auditors are provided with all questions, expected answers, test procedures and notes on a single page. On-screen timer helps auditors track meeting time and visual clues help guide an effective audit meeting.

Audit Overview

Audit progress, assigned auditors, auditee team members, draft and finalized findings, documents and all worksheets about an ongoing or past audit are summarized on a single page.

Findings Consensus

Don’t wait until the audit activities are complete before seeking consensus for individual findings and recommendations. Seek consensus as the audit progresses, saving a lot of time.

Action Plan Tracker

Create action plans jointly with auditees. Use such action plans to track progress on audit findings. Request updates and collect responses, send auto-reminders when due dates are approaching.

Regulatory Compliant Storage

All data is stored in the country for local data storage requirements and regulations.

API Services

All AuditNow entities and services can be controlled headless with extensive and platform independent API services.

Control Flows (Coming soon)

Create question dependencies with ease - skip some questions in certain cases and dig more in others with conditions and control flows.

Smart Findings (New)

Based on expected answers to audit questions, findings could be created automatically when the auditee response differs from the expected answer. Auditors can later edit, providing more context and details to these findings.

Self Assessment (New)

Auditees may be assigned a question set and answers collected remotely. This allows a lot of different business units to be polled in parallel and also allows working in their own time for both auditor and auditee teams.